• European manufacturer of specialty chemicals
  • The long tradition
    on the market since 1920
  • Developed export
    around the world
  • Responsible approach
    the environment
  • Strong in strategic research and development 
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We are continuously striving to gain the trust of our business partners, shareholders, investors, bank institutes and employees. As this goal is beneficial to everyone involved, we are approaching these relationships with open and professional leadership.  Management of company and board of trustees will play a key role as we utilize strong, well guided decision makers as a true symbol of professionalism.  For example, our leaders will watch over our company during times of movement that are defined by our actions. In turn, our leaders will provide strategic decision making which ensures growth.


Company Leadership

Ing. Josef Liška
Josef Liška
Dagmar Šefčíková
Dagmar Šefčíková, MBA
Chief Financial Officer
Zdeněk Slováček
Director of SBU Nitrocellulose
Jan Šlosar
Director of SBU Pigments and Dyes
Martin Radil
Director of SBU Organic chemistry
foto Tomáš Procházka
Tomáš Procházka
Technical and Operations Director
Jaroslav Křivka
Jaroslav Křivka
Director of Power Engineering
Olga Marečková
HR Director



Board of Directors

Jan Kadaník, Chairman of the Board

Daniel Tamchyna, Vice-chairman                  

Josef Liška, Vice-chairman  

Jaromír Florián, member



The Supervisory Board

Jaromír Štantejský, Chairman

Michal Adamovský, member

Petr Mako, member

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