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Improvements over the last 5 years:


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Thanks to the investment in greening the energy source for 1.75 billion CZK, we reduced CO2 emissions by 60 % compared to 1990.   In addition to CO2 emissions, energy consumption and heat production from fossil fuels also decreased during the monitored period. We are gradually increasing the ratio of using fuels from renewable sources instead of fossil fuels.   In addition to the saving of water used, there was also a significiant reduction in the volume of wastewater discharge, the pollution of which was bellow the level of charging limits.




  ESG report (1.61 MB)



We follow the principles of sustainable business according to ESG criteria:




  • Minimizing of the impact on the environment , reducing emissions
  • Fulfillment of all legal requirements including  REACH
  • Minimizing of the generation of waste and sorting it
  • Reducing of energy consumption and replacing fossil fuels
  • Saving of water consumption and reducing the amount of discharged wastewater
  • Prevention of serious accidents




  • Equal treatment and opportunities for all
  • Favorable working conditions
  • Ensuring work safety
  • Vocational training, education and professional development of employees
  • Observance of human rights
  • Cooperation with interested parties   (schools, municipalities, culture, sports, etc.)




  • The role of the company's administrative, management and supervisory bodies and their competence in relation to sustainability
  • Mission, vision, values
  • Development of management systems according to established standards
  • Compliance and ethics in business and corporate culture, fight against corruption, protection of whistleblowers
  • Management of business risks, risks in relation to health and safety
  • Management and quality of relationships with customers and suppliers (including access to small and medium-sized companies - non-discriminatory practices of payment and receivables)
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