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    on the market since 1920
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    the environment
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Missions, visions, values


Ilustrační obrázek hodnoty společnosti

The mission of Synthesia, a.s. is building long-term and mutual profitable business relationships with our customers. We offer optimal solutions targeted to fit customer needs. We provide world-class products and services, allowing us to improve the value of the company permanently.
We are responsible employer that places emphasis on team work and personal progress of employees. We uplift our employees by treating them with respect and abiding by a stringent ethics code. By realizing what keeps our highly qualified employees satisfied and supplying motivation, our workers will serve as the basis of our success.
Furthermore, everything we do, we do in consideration of the environment. We are an ecologically responsible company, for whom long sustainable development is very important. In terms of our public responsibility, we support a non-profit association along with educational activities in our region.



Synthesia is one of the most interesting European companies in the area of chemistry thanks to:

  • Production and technology innovations
  • Providing complex solutions, services to support products
  • Quality which is superior to quantity
  • Prefer long-term relationships with customers as opposed to short-term relationships
  • The offer of a wide portfolio of ecological solutions for the future


Company Vision: Modern, safe, ecological, prosperous and evolving company – the best employer in the region.



Customer care

We provide our customers with products and services in the agreed quality, quantity and timeframe, while maintaining an environmentally friendly approach and occupational health and safety. We consider customer care to be the basis of our prosperity.


Striving for long-term competitiveness

Through effective management and continuous process improvement, we generate resources to achieve our objectives, development of people, technology and infrastructure, and ensure environmental protection, occupational health and safety and a reasonable profit.


When introducing new products and technologies, we use the best available knowledge in order to achieve efficient use of raw materials and energy, ensure adequate OHS and minimise environmental impacts.


Employee-driven success

By educating and training our employees, we increase their knowledge, skills and conscious contribution to meet quality, environmental and occupational health and safety objectives and requirements.

We build good relations with employees and the public through open communication and truthful information about the company's activities.


Emphasis on responsibility and safety

We ensure full compliance with Czech and EU legislation on quality, environment and occupational health and safety, respecting the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and the principles of Responsible Care - Responsible Business in Chemistry.


By identifying and assessing risks and taking effective measures to eliminate them, we manage business risks as well as risks affecting quality, the environment and occupational health and safety. We prevent accidents through rigorous prevention.




Customer orientation - we are a reliable supplier of products and services


Performance and confidence - we deliver high performance backed by our expertise and continuous training, we are confident in our ability to meet challenging targets


Responsibility - we accept responsibility for our actions, including their impact on the environment


Cooperation - by working together we continuously improve the quality and efficiency of all activities


Respect and recognition - we appreciate quality people, we see them as bearers of the company's success

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