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Synthesia to Increase Prices on Performance Pigments for plastics

On: 14th June 2011 Pardubice

Contact person: Ing. Roman Barvik

E-mail: roman.barvik@synthesia.cz

Faced with continued increases in the costs of raw  materials and volatility in the global supply chain, Synthesia, a.s.  Performance Pigments will raise global prices on performance pigments  for plastics by up to 12 percent.

Synthesia  assures business partners that the company will seeks possibilities of  cost reduction and not to transfer any price increasing of raw materials  and energy to them. This increasing applies with immediate effect or as  existing contracts allow.

Synthesia regrets needing to take this  action, but as is occurring in virtually every industry today, current  market conditions company adjusts prices. The company continues to look  for cost reduction and productivity gains to offset the rising costs.  Synthesia will continue to monitor the situation.



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Synthesia,  a.s. is a leading European manufacturer of specialty chemicals. The  company has 90 years on the world market successfully presenting their  development and production of the highest quality products. Synthesia,  a.s. according to its production program is divided into three strategic  business units (SBU): Pigments and Dyes, Nitrocellulose and Organic  chemistry.
The company distributes products to the paints and  inks, dyes for textile, paper and leather industries. It also  manufactures military and industrial nitrocellulose, oxycellulose and  many organic chemicals. Synthesia, a.s. production is intended primarily  for export to developed markets in Europe and overseas, where it is  going more than three-quarters of its production.

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