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Synthesia has successfully completed REACH  registrations

Since the beginning of REACH (2007) we have finalized registrations for more than 250 manufactured and imported chemicals – for all our inorganic acids and salts, pigments, dyes, organic intermediates and many imported raw materials. We have covered our needs in compliance with legislation and can continue to offer a wide range of products to our customers.

We know and fulfill all obligations arising not only from REACH, but also from other related legislative requirements, such as CLP. We are ready to face new challenges.



VUOS, a.s.

Synthesia can provide for itself, but also for other interested companies, sufficient capacity for testing of chemicals due to 100% ownership of VUOS, a.s. – an accredited R & D institution. One department of VUOS, the Centre for Ecology, Toxicology and Analytics (CETA) is approved for ecological, toxicological and analytical testing of chemical substances. This department performs practically all necessary experimental works and co-operates in other (expert, administrative etc.) works connected with the REACH regulation.

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