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Ilustrační foto areál Synthesia, a.s.

Synthesia and its production compound have undergone series of crucial and fundamental changes. However, the core business is maintained – fine products, close connection with Pardubice region, fully qualified experts.




1920 - The history of our company begins with foundation of “Československá akciová továrna for explosive chemicals”

1923 - Start of nitrocellulose production (energetic grades)

1925 - Start of production of nitric and sulphuric acid

1928 - In Semtín is based sister plant Synthesia, which is focused on inorganic products for the production of explosives

1939 - Start of plant construction for the production of dyes and pharmaceuticals in Pardubice - Rybitví

1940 - Start of Nitrobenzene and Aniline production
1940 - First Phosgene plant built

1941 - Start of dyes production in Rybitvi

1942 - Production plant for plastics is based in Semtin
1942 - Start of production of chlorbenzene and its derivatives
1942 - Start of API production

1946 - Production of organic pigments (P.Y.1, P.R.2, P.R.3)

1950 - Start of nitrocellulose production (industrial grades)
1950 - Start of intermediates production

1953 - Launch of a new heating plant " green field"

1958 - Production of anthraquinone dyes and pigments, production by solvent technology (P.Bl.15)

1970 - Production of PCB free pigments by continuos dry backing technology (P.Bl.15, 15:1)

1972 - New production equipment for nitric acid 53% (ŠKODA ZVU)

1984 - Start of Pesticide production (phosgene – based)

1988 - Construction of two hydrogenation units (Buss loop reactors)

1990 - Production of disazocondensation high performance pigments (P.Y.93, P.Y.95, P.R.144, P.R.214, P.R.166)

1994 - Synthesia is transformed into a joint stock company
1994 - Dyes in liquid form

1996 - Production of benzimidazolone high performance pigments (P.O.36, P.Y.151)

1998 - New Phosgene generator put into service

2003 - Establishment of strategic business units ( SBU)
2003 - SBU NCL: New periodical autoclaves for Industrial NC

2004 - SBU OCH: Launch of the production line for Aromatic isocyanates
2004 - SBU PaB: Merger of the business organization Ostacolor, a.s. with Synthesia, a.s. and foundation of SBU Pigments and Dyes

2005 - SBU PaD: DPP reds
2005 - SBU NCL: New plant for production of oxidized cellulose and its derivates built

2006 - SBU PaD: Taken knowhow of metal-complexing, acid, mordant and direct dyes production from SPOLCHEMIE

2008 - SBU OCH: Launch of the phosgene production line for Carbodiimides

2009 - the only majority shareholder becomes AGROFERT HOLDING, a.s.
2009 - SBU PaD: Production of stains and preparations for wood dyeing (Ostaton)
2009 - SBU NCL: System of local filtrations of transport water

2010 - SBU NCL: CE mark for hemostatics range products brand Okcel obtained
2010 - SBU NCL: New technology of NC deacidification Bowas No. 1
2010 - SBU NCL: Complete waste water treatment plant in technology of NC
2010 - SBU OCH: Start of production of inorganic catalysts

2011 - SBU PaD: Increasing capacity of disazocondensation high performance pigments

2012 - SBU NCL: New technology of energetic NC deacidification Bowas No. 2
2012 - SBU OCH: Extending the portfolio of  produced isocyanates and carbodiimides

2014 - SBU PaB: Launch of new production line for various versions of HP pigment PY 155

2015 - SBU NCL: General renovation and modernization of several process steps (presses and holenders)

2016 - SBU ENE: Successful completion of extensive power plant modernisation worth 36 mil EUR
2016 - SBU NCL: Modernization of production control system for nitric acid 53%
2016 - SBU NCL: Completed first stage of the automation of energetic nitrocellulose packaging + new logistic centre was put into operation

2018 - SBU PaB: Production of new types of classical pigments with lower content of PAA (P.Y.74, P.R.2)

2019 - SBU PaB: Increasing capacity of selected HP pigments (P.Y.150, P.Y.139, disazocondensation reds)
2019 - SBU NCL: Modernisation of production control system for sulphuric acid production
2019 - SBU NCL: Reconstruction of concentration steps of used acids recovery unit
2019 - SBU NCL: Completed investment in “New Large-Volume Autoclaves” and overhaul of connected nitrocellulose production nodes


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