• European manufacturer of specialty chemicals
  • The long tradition
    on the market since 1920
  • Developed export
    around the world
  • Responsible approach
    the environment
  • Strong in strategic research and development 
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Synthesia, a.s.
Semtin 103
53002 Pardubice
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 466 821 111
Fax: +420 466 822 900
E-mail: synthesia@synthesia.eu

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VAT: CZ60108916


Contacts Synthesia, a.s.

Marketing & public relations: E-mail:  jitka.tochackova@synthesia.eu
Purchase: E-mail:  purchase@synthesia.eu  


SBU Pigments and Dyes

Pigments: tel: +420 466 823 741, E-mail: pigments@synthesia.eu
Dyes: tel: +420 466 823 732, E-mail: dyes@synthesia.eu


SBU Nitrocellulose 

Industrial nitrocellulose: tel:  +420 466 825 491, E-mail: industrialnc@synthesia.eu
Energetics nitrocellulose: tel:   +420 466 825 329, E-mail: energeticnc@synthesia.eu
Inorganic acids and salts: tel: +420 466 823 458, E-mail: inorganics@synthesia.eu
Oxycellulosis: tel.:  +420 466 824 503, E-mail: oxycellulose@synthesia.eu


SBU Organics

Pharmacy: tel: +420 466 823 080, E-mail: pharmacy@synthesia.eu
Pesticides: tel: +420 466 823 080, E-mail: pesticides@synthesia.eu
Custom synthesis: tel:  +420 466 823 279, E-mail: customsyntheses@synthesia.eu
Intermediates: tel: +420 466 823 080, E-mail: intermediates@synthesia.eu


SBU Power Engineering

SBU Power Engineering: tel.: +420 466 824 603, E-mail: energetics@synthesia.eu


Synthesia Polska

Al. Kościuszki 80/82, 90-437 Łódź, Poland / Polen
tel./fax: (0-42) 637 57 20, tel. (0-42) 636 87 35, E-mail: office@synthesia.com.pl
NIP: 727-10-19-989




Access to main gate to Synthesia company is possible in several different ways:

  • If you are coming from the center of Pardubice: on the left hand you pass hypermarket Globus, you cross the overpass train in Pardubice – Hradec and after about one kilometer you come to main gate on right side.
  • When you are coming from Hradce Králové: when approaching the flyover junction in Pardubice turn right to Semtin, after about one kilometer you are coming to main gate on right side.
  • When you are coming from Chrudim: on city circle road turn right to Globus direction and immediately left to Semtin. At the exit, turn right to Semtin , after about one kilometer you are entering to main gate on right side.
  • When you are coming from Prague (from the highway): you pass through Lazne Bohdanec, approximately after two kilometers you are arriving to the Rybitvi part of the Synthesia company. After another five hundred meters you reach  to main gate on left side.

The second gate RYBITVÍ is located about 500 meters from the gate SEMTIN towards Lázně Bohdaneč, where you turn to left on the the crossroad

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