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Synthesia is expanding its portfolio of HP pigment

Synthesia, a.s. as a traditional European producer of organic pigments systematically expands its portfolio of organic powder pigments. The range newly includes three more items with universal applications. Thus shade palette Versal® is extended with two more yellows and one orange.

The range of high-performance pigments has been expanded with an isoindoline yellow of the brand name Versal Yellow 3R (PY 110). It is a versatile usable medium opaque reddish yellow with excellent light fastness and heat stability. Besides application in plastics, this pigment is mainly recommended for car, industrial and powder coatings.

Similarly, chemical class of benzimidazolone pigments has been expanded with VERSAL Yellow HG (PY 180) which provides a greenish yellow shade and very high light fastness as well as heat stability. Although the pigment is primarily intended for use in plastics, it can be also used in coating applications which require excellent heat resistance of the pigment. High colour strength and excellent resistance to solvents are a very good qualification of application properties.

Furthermore, the class of benzimidazolone pigments was expanded with VERSAL Orange G (PO 64). It is a brilliant opaque reddish orange with excellent heat stability. The pigment provides very good light fastness, particularly in full shade. It is stable in solvents, however is not completely stable in alkali. The pigment is used in industrial coatings and in particular in powder coatings, where it is used for its brilliant hue to achieve some otherwise difficult formulated RAL recipes.

Pavel Wandrol
Pavel Wandrol
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