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    on the market since 1920
  • Developed export
    around the world
  • Responsible approach
    the environment
  • Strong in strategic research and development 
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Company profile

Synthesia, a.s. is divided into four SBUs (Strategic Business Units) – SBU Pigments and Dyes, SBU Organic Chemistry (Organics), SBU Nitrocellulose and SBU Power Engineering. Each SBU operates a part of Synthesia’s product portfolio.




SBU Pigments and Dyes

  • Pigments – We supply pigments for dyeing plastic and fibres, production of coating composition and printing ink.
  • Dyes – Our dyes are applied to dye and print natural and synthetic textile material. We also offer quality dyes for dyeing leather, fur, paper, wood and other material.


SBU Nitrocellulose
Obrázek z výroby průmyslové Nitrocelulózy


SBU Organic Chemistry

  • Pharmacy – We are the only European manufacturer of vitamin D2.
  • Pesticides – Synthesia offers active ingredients for herbicide production.
  • Customer synthesis – Products in accordance with individual customer requirements based on phosgenation, hydrogenation and nitration.
  • Intermediates – We produce pharmaceutical intemediates for production of X-ray contrast media.


SBU Power Engineering

  • Power engineering – produces and distributes energy in form of hot vapour and electricity for all production divisions and business premises.
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