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www.synthesia.eu / Media / News / Synthesia introducing a new pigment - Versal Scarlet 4RF (pigment Red 242)

Synthesia introducing a new pigment - Versal Scarlet 4RF (pigment Red 242)

Synthesia, a.s. introduces a new pigment from a range of high performance pigments (HPP) named Versal Scarlet 4GF (Pigment Red 242) which is mainly used by manufactures of decorative printing inks.

It is a general purpose pigment which affords a unique brilliant scarlet shade and exhibits very good application properties like excellent lighfastness, weathering in full shade, thermostability and fastness to migration. Due to its above mentioned properties, this pigment is suitable for production of printing inks for decorative laminate paper. It is equally valuable product for flexographic printing of packing as well as for use in the plastics industry and in paints industry.

For more information about this HP pigment, you can continue to TDS (Technical Data Sheet) of pigment Red 242

Pavel Wandrol
Pavel Wandrol
sales manager of pigments
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