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www.synthesia.eu / Media / News / Synthesia, a.s. launches Versal Yellow 5GN (C.I. Pigment Yellow 150) into the market again

Synthesia, a.s. launches Versal Yellow 5GN (C.I. Pigment Yellow 150) into the market again

The final decision of the High Court of Justice in Prague finished several years of disputes concerning the patent protection of special high performance pigment PY 150 between Synthesia and Lanxess. The High Court of Justice fully accepted legal and technical arguments of the company Synthesia and rejected, as unjustified, claims of German producer asking for patent protection. The same decision also cancelled the preliminary measures whereby the production and distribution of the product were banned.

The final judgment was announced on July 31st, 2013 and for Synthesia this date also meant the immediate restart of Versal Yellow 5GN production. The launched product can be now produced and exported without any restriction.

Versal Yellow 5GN is high performance pigment, which can be used in dyeing of wide range of plastics including polyamides, due to its excellent application properties, especially light fastness and heat resistance. Excellent quality of the product was also confirmed by customers in the successful launch of this product in the market before unjustified restrictions on the part of Lanxess were being applied.

Synthesia, a.s. is leading European manufacturer of specialty chemicals. The company has been successfully presenting its development and production of the highest quality products on the world market for 90 years. Synthesia, a.s., according to its production program, is divided into three strategic business units (SBU): Pigments and Dyes, Nitrocellulose and Organic chemistry.

The company sells pigments to the plastics, paints and inks, dyes for textile, paper and leather industries. It also manufactures military and industrial nitrocellulose, oxycellulose and wide range of organic chemicals. Synthesia, a.s. production is intended primarily for export, especially to developed markets in Europe and overseas, where are sold more than three-quarters of its production.


Richard Dacer
Manager SBU Pigments & Dyes
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Synthesia, a.s.
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Czech Republic

Pavel Wandrol
Pavel Wandrol
sales manager of pigments
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