• European manufacturer of specialty chemicals
  • The long tradition
    on the market since 1920
  • Developed export
    around the world
  • Responsible approach
    the environment
  • Strong in strategic research and development 
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Missions, visions, values


Ilustrační obrázek hodnoty společnosti

The mission of Synthesia, a.s. is building long-term and mutual profitable business relationships with our customers. We offer optimal solutions targeted to fit customer needs. We provide world-class products and services, allowing us to improve the value of the company permanently.
We are responsible employer that places emphasis on team work and personal progress of employees. We uplift our employees by treating them with respect and abiding by a stringent ethics code. By realizing what keeps our highly qualified employees satisfied and supplying motivation, our workers will serve as the basis of our success.
Furthermore, everything we do, we do in consideration of the environment. We are an ecologically responsible company, for whom long sustainable development is very important. In terms of our public responsibility, we support a non-profit association along with educational activities in our region.



Synthesia is one of the most interesting European companies in the area of chemistry thanks to:

  • Production and technology innovations
  • Providing complex solutions, services to support products
  • Quality which is superior to quantity
  • Prefer long-term relationships with customers as opposed to short-term relationships
  • The offer of a wide portfolio of ecological solutions for the future


Company Vision: Modern, safe, ecological, prosperous and evolving company – the best employer in the region.


Integrated system policy

The company Synthesia, a.s. is a manufacturer of wide range of chemical specialities. The objective of the company is to produce top quality products while providing employees and region with a maximum possible protection against the effects of its own business activities, especially precaution and strict compliance with laws, standards and obligations of the company.

1. Quality of our products and services to our customers are obvious. Our goal is to keep European standard of all our activities and its continuous improving!

2. Occupational health and safety of employees and interested parties is a constant requirement for all activities of our company. To have no accidents is the goal, which we want to achieve!

3. We are aware of our impact on the environment. We systematically implement measures to limit such negative impact caused by our activities. We consider the environmental protection as an indispensable part of the management strategy of our company!



Honesty and respect are the most important aspects of integrity for our company. We provide a professional work environment for all employees.  Company goals are linked closely with the philosophy we practice.

Customer orientation
Our future depends on the voice of the customer being heard and adapted to, so that we remain successful. We are proactive with our service and solutions making the business experience pleasant.

Continuing perfection
We always discover viable and effective solutions. We will never be satisfied with stereotypical answers as we strive to excel beyond the ordinary limits.

Employees’ involvement
We are amplifying the company’s culture, which supports initiative, responsibility and superb performance. We want to be an active part of processes that propel our successful team. We are giving the chance of personal growth to every employee.

We show respect toward all employees in our professional environment so that we may continue to display individual interest as a priority. As we create trust between employer and employee, the horizons of respect expand and the lines of communication open.

We are always acting in the best interest of the company and fulfilling company goals. We present our company as a successful company.

We are permanently increasing our professional knowledge and abilities, according to the needs of the company.



Compliance organization

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With the aim of ensuring ethical business standards, the leadership of Agrofert group has adopted the set of measures and internally defined rules, which is generally used in the English expression of Compliance.

For more information about the project, please continue using Agrofert Ethical web site .

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