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Region’s Support

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Synthesia is inseparably linked with the Pardubice and its surroundings. We are the entity with a major economic influence to our region with more than 1 600 employees. Other firms running their business within our premises are giving the working opportunities to the same amount of employees as well.

Significant part of our incomes is invested to the Region’s Support. Our long-term strategy is in accordance with the trustworthy relationship with the neighborhood based on the open and truthful communication in all areas. Our goal is to stand close by our Region and to be helpful in the areas which need support of the strong partner.

Our intention is to take care for the support from the childhood to the retirement and to be the proud part of our city. Therefore our activities are mainly aimed at families with children (Synthesia Park Steeplechase), active nature enthusiastics (Touristic club Synthesia), physically handicapped people (sheltered workshop Handico) or the elderly (Long-term Care Hospice in Rybitví).



Agrofert Park

The Agrofert group, under whose wings also falls company Synthesia, is a supporter and donator of a healthy lifestyle, family fun and a return to the nature. Since 2013 Agrofert therefore decided to associate its name with the famous Pardubice steeplechase, and  markedly communicate not only its efforts to help the region, but also an emphasis on ecological orientation of his companies.

We would like to become a stable part of the Pardubice sporting life and attract to the race-course as much attention as we can. More information can be found on www.agrofertpark.cz .



General partner of Pardubice youth basketball

There is no doubt about the fact that in a healthy body lies healthy mind. The company Synthesia therefore decided to give a helping hand to the youngest generation of athletes and from season 2013/2014 became the general partner of Pardubice youth basketball.

Pardubice basketball also cooperates for example with schools, kindergartens and children´s homes to motivate children  to exercise and to do sports. Becomming therefore the main partner for Pardubice youth basketball is for Synthesia the prestigious opportunity. More information can be found on www.basketpce.cz .


logo svítání

Synthesia is a partner of the school Svítání for children with intelectual or combined disabilities

Synthesia is a partner of the primary school, which has been helping to disabled students for more than twenty years in Pardubice. The target group to whom the school assist is not just the children with specal needs. They also help to the teenagers and adults with special educational needs. The school provides education and other forms of self-realization, personal development and integration into daily life.

Hopefully, our support can enhance the possibilities of the school to overcome a dificult and important task to help these children develop despite their adversity. For more information go to www.svitani.cz



Sheltered workshop Handico

Synthesia also cares about handicapped fellow citizens and tries to relieve their fate. It is our interest to help those people to fully involve in active life and therefore we have established cooperation with the Pardubice sheltered workshop which is able to get them jobs. Gifts and promoting materials for our customers come from the work of handicapped people.

More information can be found on www.handico.cz



City Festival Pardubice

City Festival takes place every autumn in Pardubice and it is the traditional celebration of cultural and social occasions which connect two largest sports events called Velká Pardubická and famous motorcycle speedway Zlatá přilba.

Synthesia is honored to be one of the main partners of these events and to be able to participate on the attractive celebration of our beloved city. We are going to become a partner for a horseback parade which will boost the festive atmosphere and be the original invitation to the horse races.



Rescue Station Pasíčka

Synthesia is a partner of Rescue Station and Eco-Centre Pasíčka because the ecological and environmental activities in our region are our concern as well. Their main mission is treatment of injured and weakened animals with the focus of returning them back to the wild nature.

We appreciate this opportunity and are pleased to be able to support these praiseworthy activities in our region. If you are keen to learn more information, feel free to visit www.pasicka.cz



Tourist club Synthesia

Our company also gave its name to the oldest tourist club in our region from the historical point of view. This club organizes trips for adults as well as children from spring to winter. You can choose the best option for you among trips by walk, by bicycle and even by ski. Would you like to join us? You are more than welcomed! Start your visit in the websites www.tksp.info


martin_nemec_skp_pce_denik-380 copy

Hvězda SKP - Team of disabled athletes

Disabled people face and daily overcome the life handicaps and all the challenges, including sport. Our company appreciates access and sport sucesses of Pardubice disabled athletes and therefore proudly supports one of the largest and most successful team of disabled sportsmen in the Czech Republic. More information can be found on www.hvezdatps.cz


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