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Synthesia is opening a new production line of organic pigments

Synthesia officially launched a new production line for various  types of high quality Pigment  Yellow 155, which provides background for significant sales growth of Synthesia in the field of organic pigments on demanding markets in Europe, Asia and North America.  

The new line was officially launched on September 26, 2014 in SBU Pigments and Dyes. This is the final and also the most significant investment project to expand the production capacity of organic pigments within three-year investment plan for 2012 - 2014, thanks to which  their total production capacity will  increase by up to 900 tons. Use of this new production capacity in the coming years could bring an increase in sales in this segment by CZK 400 milion  per year.

The total investment costs of increasing the production capacity of organic pigments in those years amounted to approximately CZK 264 million. The most important project was just a new line of high quality pigment (called HPP - High Performance Pigment) Pigment Yellow 155 which required total costs of about CZK 168 million along with accompanying projects to increase related  capacity of regeneration and disposal site of organic solvents. Further realized investment projects on production intensification include strengthening filtration, drying and mixing capacities in the production of organic pigments and also necessary  installation of new technologies for the final physical treatment of pigments.



Josef Liska, CEO Synthesia, at a press conference

"Implementing this project, Synthesia acquires  significant potential for further development of promising segment of organic pigments. The most demanding applications require high quality pigments (called HPP) with a special finish and  high-performance. We strive to prepare such quality for  our partners which is  directly according to their specific requirements. Thanks to this, in the coming years we expect growth in sales of organic pigments by 5-7% per year, "said MSc. Josef Liška, CEO of Synthesia.

A number of events of this developing three-year investment plan was included in the subsidized project "Innovation of the production program of organic pigments in Synthesia", which was implemented within the Operational Programme ENTERPRISE AND INNOVATION  with financial support of the state and the European Union amounting to CZK 50 million.



Head of production of organic dyes Jaroslav Volenec presents a new production line
Synthesia, a.s. is a leading European manufacturer of specialty chemicals belonging to  Agrofert group. The company has already been on the world market for  90 years, successfully presenting  its development and  product manufacturing of the highest quality. Synthesia is by its production program  divided into three strategic divisions (SBU): Pigments and Dyes, Nitrocellulose and Organic Chemistry. The company is a supplier of products for  paints and printing inks branches, dyes for textile, paper and leather industries. It also manufactures industrial and military nitrocellulose, oxycellulose and many organic chemicals. The production of the company is mainly intended for export to developed markets in Europe and overseas  where more than three quarters of its production are going.  Synthesia, which ranks with its 1,650 employees among the largest employers in the region, also significantly  supports  the secondary and tertiary chemical education in Pardubice, youth basketball and last but not least, the school  Svítání for children with mental and combined  disablement.

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